Ladysmith Days 2019

A Local Celebration of Living in Ladysmith, British Columbia.

Ladysmith Days 2019 starts on Friday, August 2nd!

“Thank you to our Ladysmith & District Credit Union for the amazing fireworks.” ~ love from the community x

Thank you to everyone who helped with the 2018 event! It took a lot of manpower and relied on the good nature of many individuals including:

  • Barry Frech
  • Lynn Frech
  • Janine Cornett
  • Arlene Jaswal
  • Steve Dinsmore
  • Mary Furneaux
  • Lexa Pritchett
  • Shari Kennedy
  • Cal Fradin – TOL liaison
  • Cathy Rogers-Arnett
  • Steve Arnett
  • Al Moore
  • Duck Paterson as Festivities MC and Kinsmen Parade liaison

Above: Credit to the Ladysmith Historical Society

A Ladysmith BC Celebration